Do Androids Dream of Electric Gadgets

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In a few words, if you get together software as Sleep as Android and hardware such as DroidBed you will get a complete "Sleep Tracker", which will correctly monitor your different sleep stages and will wake you up every morning at the best time possible, with clear mind while keeping your phone safe.

We want to present you DroidBed, a gadget and great complement to a Sleeptracker app "for Android", which will protect your smartphone on those unrest nights when you even kick out your pillow ;)
Ejemplo de uso DroidBed

Those of us who have discovered the benefits of some of these apps for our little Android, which are even able to wake us up during a light stage of sleep, but also want our smartphone to last long, or at least as long as it is with us, looking as new as the first day, will be worried about the need of having your phone in contact with the bed in order to monitor our body movements during sleep so it can wake you up at the lightest stage of sleep.

DroidBed is handmade on demand in a resistant polymer resin and is a numbered series. With the multitude of models of Android phones on the market today, and the very particular taste each user has, this is an advantage, because we can do a much more personal product.  We can make it in almost any color, you may even choose the side of the bed where you want to put it.  We can also add special designs and drawings, like fire, industrial panels or whatever you want, making it as personal as you are :)

DroidBed not a Google product, but if you thought "for Android"
not have any direct link with "Sleep as an Droid" only collaborate
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